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10 Ways to prove your fashion game in a party

10 Ways to prove your fashion

Being a woman has its own problems like dressing up in a unique way for every event or the party, accessorizing the perfect dress with right jewelry and handbag, matching the attire with the footwear, selection of apt makeup and hair-do, etc.

There are few styling tricks that can accentuate the look of even the simplest of the outfit. Listed below are a few ideas that will prove your fashion game in the party:-


1) A must-have LBD (little black dress) having trendy cuts

little black dress


A little black one-piece dress is always a perfect option for any party that fit all the body types with equal elegance. To give it the most contemporary look it can be accessorized with the gold, silver, or antique jewelry. This would never fail to create its charm as black always makes a woman look slimmer & taller which is the most preferred accouterment of today’s woman.


2) Choose Jewelry carefully

Jewelry of today’s woman is not an accessory but a costume like other party dresses for girls that complete the look of a subtle or expensive dress, effortlessly. The plane dress can be accessorized with heavy jewelry to give a top-notch to your fashion game. Otherwise heavy, shimmer and bold dress could be matched with the minimalistic jewelry to prove your fashion sense.

Choose Jewelry carefully


3) Layering and pairing

Layering has always been there in the fashion industry as with this one can have different looks in the same party by putting off some layers. If it’s winter, layering will keep you warm besides giving you a contemporary and fashionable look. And if it is summer, then cool clothes layering will keep you chic and voguish. Try to pair solid color clothes with some checkers or stripes. Or try matching different shades of same color tone or contrasting solid, etc. Pairing experiments with your complexion sense and figure as few patterns could make you look taller while others are eye-pleasing.

Layering and pairing


The texture, patterns and the fabric adds depth to the party dresses.


4) Roll-ups and tucks

Roll-ups and tucks



A tucked in shirt with a skirt or trousers always looks very sophisticated and classy. Showcase your confidence by wearing tuck-ins as well polished ladies carry this look to the parties. Tucked- in a blouse with pencil skirts or trousers and the blazer is enough for the professional or a party look.

Rolled up sleeves give a very funky and trendy look when you are wearing it to the party with friends where Tequila don julio shot awaits you.

Flaunt half tucked shirt look with confidence as it can give appealing, sporty, cowboy and charming look. For a fresh up and the casual look with your denim trousers, roll it up to your ankles.


5) Buckled Belts

However skinny or oversize you maybe, a fine quality genuine leather, denim, faux leather or another kind of designer belt with beautiful buckle add-ons to your sensuous looks. It enables clenching your oversized dress to your waistline and gives you a figure-accentuating look. The clinch goes very well with the corset dress, a loose knitted dress or long sweater.

Buckled Belts


6) Match your heels with the dress

Match your heels with the dress



Right pair of stilettos actually highlights looks at the party but that doesn’t mean you have to wear high heels always. Long boots go well with the winter red wine, short dresses or skinny pair of jeans. Pencil heels punctuate the fashionable look of short dresses. A pair of good quality sneakers lend a fantastic match to the traditional or the contemporary outfit while partying around the beach or at the poolside.


7) K(not) the top

For a girly look, at an in-house or a poolside party, knotting a T-shirt or top and pairing it with casual jeans makes a very awe-inspiring and innovative idea. Also, you can try any oversize T-shirt with side knot neatly done at the bottom and create waves with your breezy look. This would not only highlight your figure but also give your simple blouse a crop top look. Couple such a T-shirt with your palazzos, trousers, mini- skirt, shorts, high- waisted or low waisted jeans. You can untie the knot whenever you want.


8) Right jacket

Right jacket


Pick up the right kind of jacket for that classy pull off of your dress to any Page 3 or the casual party. For that formal style, the jacket could be shimmery or hand printed shrugs, denim or cardigan. The genuine leather jacket is a must-have to create the well-defined look during winters. The jackets give the finish up look to the top layer of your clothing at any party and are sure to bring all the eyes on to you without many campaigns.


9) Mix and match

To be a noted guest at the party, you need not indulge into buying expensive items always as you can mix and carry the bunch of costlier items with cheaper pieces. Be sure of making sane decisions while investing in first copies. Low-grade copy of branded handbag is certainly not advisable. Carrying antique jewelry with a stylish dress and correct body shape would be fashionable whereby diamonds may fail to create the fashionista impression.

Mix and match


10) Wear makeup but don’t overdo it

It’s always nice to wear minimal makeup and neutral nails to a casual party. Get your make up done by the professionals if it is a big fat wedding etc. If you are loaded with an evenly applied coat of concealer, mascara, slightly rosy cheeks, painted lips and nails well-polished with neutral nail paints or no nail polish at all, you would appear to be a more fashionable a woman in comparison to those having chipped nail polish.

Wear makeup


It is not only the dress that makes you look fashionable but your handbag, footwear, the fragrance you wear, the fine details and texture of your clothing, etc that you make your fashion statement. Never fear to wear best attitude and etiquette at the party.

10 Ways to prove your fashion game in a party

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