June 15, 2024

5 ideas for living room décor using the LED chandelier

5 ideas for living room décor

Imagine you walk into a living room that has a beautiful setup, just like those extravagant movies. But after a few minutes, you realize that something is off about the place, it lacks something. There is a high probability that the issue lies with the light. Light plays a major role in completing the vibe of a place. Whether it is a disco or a small café around the corner, or a moonlighted living room or a warm, easy and breezy bachelor pad, light plays a crucial role in completing the whole look of the house.

If you think that your living room needs a revamp then you need to understand that small details add to the bigger picture. But the problem is that it is hard to coalesce all of them together. You cannot have both abstract as well as boho element in the same room that jeopardizes the possibility of the two being concordant with each other.

They were right when they said, “let there be light”. The right amount of light can spice up your room and your living space. And nothing can upgrade your living space in a more sophisticated than an exquisite chandelier which will even boost the style of your space.

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So how does one do it?

First, imagine how you want your living room to look. Every different look has different elements that help to complete that particular appearance. For instance, a person going for a boho look will use block color, rugs, simple and ethnic touches and so on. But a person looking for a more artistic look will opt for statement colors, simple furniture and probably a glamorous crystal chandelier.

Here are the top 5 ways you can style your living room:

  1. Crystal chandelier: Chandeliers in itself is an elegant touch to your living room. They come in various shapes and the options are almost inexhaustible. If you are looking for something chic then crystal chandeliers will captivate your attention. This type of chandeliers in itself has many alternatives, so you can pick whatever suits your taste. Crystal chandeliers come in varieties, like raindrop crystals, wave crystals, bubble crystals and many more. This will give your dining and living space an expensive touch. But keep it minimal to cease an overall gaudy appearance.

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                                                                         CRYSTAL CHANDELIER


Some more ideas: https://morningchores.com/diy-chandelier/

  1. Artificial candle chandeliers: Remember those movies where the couple dine under romantic candle chandeliers? You too can have them installed in your living space. But in the modern day, you can have the best of both worlds. You get the old classic touch along with modern electricity and not candles. Install it and forget all and just enjoy the classic ambiance in your modern living space.

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                                                                             CANDLE CHANDELIER


  1. Pendant chandeliers: These are one of those lavish hotel-like vibes imparting chandeliers. Pendant chandeliers will impart a larger than life touch to your living space. But you need to be smart about installing these because overdoing it will make your house look like a home décor studio. And we don’t want that.
  2. Contemporary chandeliers: If you are an artsy person and you are into minimalism then this is for you. This will add to your room an extra boost which will make your living room stand out. The best part about this chandelier is that it enables you to give your house a classy touch without ripping you off your love for minimalism. Given the new vogue and love for minimalism, you will have a lot of options to choose from. These are even available in various colors, therefore color coordinate it with your wall paints and other furniture will be easy.

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  1. Sensor chandeliers: Nobody said that fashion and style can’t walk hand in hand with tech. If you are a tech-savvy, then go ahead, this is for you. Remember those fascinating lights which would turn on all by itself just when you walk into the room? Yes. Those are also available in chandeliers. But yes, these are not those extravagant and palace-like typical chandeliers. Rather they are simple and stylish. These completely refurbish your living room. But some professional intervention might be a good idea before you hop in. Being energy efficient, they won’t burn a chandelier-sized hole in your pocket while paying the electricity bill. This will also add that extra panache to your living room.

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How to find the right chandelier? https://www.decoratingstudio.com/archives/ht_lighting/choosing_the_right_size_chandelier.html

Chandeliers can be quite expensive, the more beautiful you find them, the chances are, the costlier they will be. They can often burn huge holes in your pocket. If you are tight on budget but still want to flaunt your house then you need to choose smartly. Choose one particular room that can be the focus of your house, which most of the time is the living room. This way you can get the best for your house without compromising with your budget.

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