What Is The Full Procedure To Renew Norton Antivirus


Norton antivirus is one of the superior service providers to restrict hackers from gaining your information and data from way back to 1991. Cybercriminals are much smarter these days, they come up with new threats daily to access in your system and extract your data and personal information with the clear intention of harming you in terms of money or some other cause. In case, if your Norton antivirus software has expired, you can use Norton product key for renewal of your software and for better protection of your device.

norton product key

There is some information which you should know about Norton antivirus software;

  • Norton uses a “cloud-based approach” in which they disclose new virus definitions and have them accessible to our customer-base immediately, instead of waiting hours for particular definitions to move out to our users.
  • Every single file you downloaded from the computer, Norton engineers built a reputation analysis layer to peek into the history and background of your downloaded file.
  • Norton has IPS layer which protects your device from an intruder before they can do damage. It protects nearly 60% of threats from your computer, the most common is attacking your browser by which they can keep an eye on your every single work you are doing, but after IPS layer come in the scene these threats are not more any subject to worry.
  • For promptly observe new attacks and threats, Norton uses SONAR behavioral protection to look at your device.
  • Norton provides the live chat support for 24/7 to give you assistance in any problem whether it is related to the activation process, renewal of your product, subscription or any other related queries.
  • If you are watching a movie or playing a game and your antivirus needs to update, other antivirus software notifies you in between the game or movie but Norton antivirus has silent mode suspend alert and update feature so that you will not get disturbed in between your entertainment.


By following just simple steps you can Renew Norton with product key for the safety of your device:

  • In the start menu list, click on Norton antivirus.
  • Go to my Norton window for devise security.
  • For going in the main window, click on an open button.
  • For renewing a subscription, click on the help button.
  • Now enter the product key in the account information window.
  • Rely upon what you have, you can also type renewal code.
  • For completing a procedure, click on the OK button.


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