Top 100+ Best Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2021


Today blog commenting is a very powerful approach to make a link between the website and the visitors. Many efforts are required for making the website popular. There are many ways to make your website renowned and famous. One of these methods is blog commenting.

blog commenting sites

Blog commenting is the part of Off-page SEO work for increasing the visitors of your website. Blog commenting is the most adequate technique for providing backlinks free of cost. If you want a good traffic in your site and want instant links with high authority blogging sites then blog commenting is the best working way to get you high DA with backlinks. Link building is an effective way to increase your website’s popularity and healthy growth for your products and services.

Back in days, blogging was just a way to share your views and opinion to the world. But for today’s world, blogging is a good alternative for marketing your products and services and blog commenting adds a meaningful purpose to your optimization strategy. Blog commenting is particularly made for blog sites where bloggers and blog readers can easily connect with each other and the readers can give the prompt reaction about the blog. This is a great way, where readers easily express the thoughts about the blog and sometimes about the blogger also.  Blog commenting is the quickest and most easy way to grab the attention of your visitor.

Top Blog Commenting Sites List 2019-2020

Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List


What are blog commenting sites?

Blogs commenting sites are those sites where the users (internet users) can post their point of view and can share their opinion about the post, can also get a good interaction with the new bloggers, visitors, and can easily share their own evaluation by putting their words on the given comment section of the website. With the help of blog commenting, a user can connect worldwide.

Remember while commenting on the other blogs; try to write out everything relevant like great posts, informative etc. Write everything which helps to make a good impact on the particular subject. There are many blog commenting sites available there, but you should always go for the high page rank Do Follow blog commenting sites. Search for the top Blog Comment Sites List for good traffic. These do follow backlinks will help to pass the link juice to your website. This helps to increase the visitors in your blogs. There are many other benefits of do follow blog commenting sites.


Some top benefits of Do Follow Blog Commenting Sites:

  • Blog commenting sites help to provide an identity to your site or product which makes it globally popular.
  • They offer you do follow backlinks which effortlessly passes the good link juice to the blogs or website.
  • It increases the targeted reliable traffic for your website or blogs.
  • Increases the visibility of your posts toward the correct audience.
  • It enhances the range of your business globally.
  • Helps you to increase the social networking sites media follows of your posts or websites.
  • Helps in building a healthy relationship with the visitors and to convert them into your customers


How to use Blog Commenting Sites?

  • Search for the List Of Blog Commenting Sites and go for only those sites which can attract more traffic on your websites.
  • Search your favorite topic to read which is favorable for our business or related to your hobby.
  • Always read the whole blog attentively and try to figure out the mindset of the blogger before writing a single word in the comment section.
  • Finally, go to the comment section of the post.
  • Fill your details in the comment section like your name, email-id, and website.
  • Write a good comment on the comment section and fill other inquiries.
  • Tap the post comment button.

By following these steps above will help to reach your comment to the blogger. Remember that the most important thing is that your comment should be always related to the above blog otherwise your comment can ruin your image. The best way for good commenting is to figure out the blogger’s mind and express your own views on that particular topic.


Types of Blog Commenting Sites for SEO purpose:

  • Comment Luv: If any of the websites add the comment luv then your latest post will be displayed on their website just next to your comment.
  • Disqus comments: For this type of commenting, you have to do registration on the Disqus then you are easily put your comment on the posts. If you write a reliable comment and your comment gets approved then users can also able to check out your profile on the Disques.
  • YouTube Comments: If your website deals with any kind of marketing then YouTube can be an immense place to posts your comments and provide links to the users.
  • Facebook Comments: While visiting top famous sites with good traffic like HuffingtonPost, ScoopWhoop; these sites only accept Facebook comments, so when you are commenting on high DA blog commenting sites, always leave your comment with your Facebook Id.


How to write reliable comments on the blog commenting sites?

Here are some tips which help to get your comment accepted on the blog commenting sites:

  • Always provide your real name with relevant email id.
  • Fill all the details correctly on the comment section.
  • Always write comment related to the topic.
  • Avoid posting small comments like “good”, “nice”, “excellent”, always try to write a comment long enough that other people show some interest in reading it. But do not try a lengthy comment, otherwise; people will lose interest in it.
  • Do not try spamming through the comments.
  • Use your own words, avoid coping with the internet.
  • Make your comment attractive by thinking out of the box.


These Blog Commenting Sites 2019-2020 will help you to attract good traffic for your blogs or website. Hope you like our article, if you have any kind of query or any good tips please share with us in our comment section.


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