Can Bad Teeth Cause Health Problems?


Yes, bad teeth can cause health problems! Several studies and researches have proved a link between oral health and overall physical wellbeing. They have also clearly established that poor oral health can have negative impact on the body in more ways than one. That’s why dentists strongly encourage people to take care of their oral health to stay healthy and disease-free forever. Any oral problem, be it aching teeth, bleeding gum or bad breath, can be an indication of some underlying health concerns. Plus, bacteria are in the centre of most oral health problems and they can enter the body and cause damages to different parts easily.

Can Bad Teeth Cause Health Problems_


Here are some of health problems that are caused by poor oral health or bad teeth –

  1. Cardiovascular Disease: 

    Did you know that poor oral health can lead to a risk of heart disease? When your gums are inflamed, it means there are bacteria in the mouth which can enter into the bloodstream and cause plaque formation and may lead the arteries to harden. This condition can cause hart blockages and interrupt the normal blood flow in the body thereby increasing the chances of a heart attack. Worse still, the hardening of the vessels and arteries can increase the likelihood of hypertension and strokes. In some cases, the bacteria can also cause heart infection.


  1. Respiratory Infections: 

    Poor oral health can also cause respiratory infections. Such cases are more likely where teeth are infected or gums or swollen as they indicate the presence of bacteria which can enter the body through the bloodstream. In some cases, the bacteria responsible for poor oral health get breathed into the lungs to cause issues to the respiratory systems. That’s why people who have poor oral health are more likely to suffer from pneumonia, COPD and acute bronchitis. You should thus take oral care seriously to keep the risk of respiratory infections away forever.


  1. Pregnancy Complications: 

    Poor oral hygiene is linked to pregnancy complications. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can have negative impact on expectant mothers, so superior oral care becomes necessity. Oral health issues during pregnancy are known to cause premature birth and low-birth weight in infants. If an expectant mother has oral infection, chances of complications during pregnancy go up further. Naturally, oral health issues during pregnancy can be worrisome to both expectant mother and babies. So, it’s important to take oral health even more seriously when one is pregnant to avoid passing on the risk further.


  1. Dementia: 

    Some studies have established that poor oral health could lead to dementia. They have proved how oral hygiene can affect the brain. Oral problems like gum inflammation can even damage brain cells and lead to memory loss. Gingivitis can affect the brain and the bacteria responsible for it can reach to the nerve channels and enter the bloodstream as well. That’s why you should take oral health quite seriously if you are concerned about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


  1. Diabetes: 

    Poor oral health could make handling diabetes even more difficult. Plus, diabetics are more prone to oral problems such as infected gums. Quite clearly, there is a link between your oral health and the condition of diabetes. More so, gum diseases can make symptoms of diabetes worsen and, in that situation, the disease can prove even more harmful that it actually is. Blood sugar levels go to higher side when gum disease is there making it the person at grave risk for health. So, take a good care of your oral health and keep your diabetes under control.


  1. Kidney Disease: 

    Poor oral hygiene could actually lead to kidney disease. It has the potential to negatively affect the kidneys, hearts and bones. In fact, periodontal disease in particular is responsible for infection leading to kidney disease. More so, those who have weak immense system are more prone to catching infection and this is why they are likely to suffer from kidney disease. It’s therefore important to consult a top dentist Forest Ave Queens on regular basis and get yourself checked so that any oral health issues can be spotted at an early stage. And when that happens, you lay a solid foundation for better oral health.


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