Marketing in the Digital World


Sales and Marketing are two very integral parts of any organization; yet are very different from one another.  Sales is the revenue generating vertical. While marketing, is how the product or service is showcased.

The other departments depend on the sales department for growth, that is why having enough sales is the basic motto of any organization. Marketing, on the other hand, is the placement of the product or service. It is about educating the public about your product and why should they buy it. Basically, marketing helps the sales vertical to create a better impression of the brand in the customer’s eyes. The goal through appropriate marketing is for the customer to buy the product. No matter how hard the salesperson tries, as long as the marketing is not on point, the product is not going to sell.

Different forms of marketing exist like digital marketing, or the tradition methods, like newspaper prints and postcards, etc. At the end of the day, the success of any organization is in the numbers and the amount of sales they have. All these marketing endeavors are done to promote sales, as this is the primary objective of any organization.

Being able to do sales is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everybody is born with the right skills. A good salesman keeps trying to find newer ways to sell the same product by trying to get as creative as possible. Sales is a skill that needs to be practiced often. The skillset required to be a good salesman can be acquired and learnt with enough practice and determination. The definition of Sales is different for all salespersons, this is because all of them have their own way of converting potential buyers into customers. Some call it an art, some call it a science.

Digital World 

To have much insight in sales, and to learn, one can take up a MBA Course. It teaches a student about the market and how the gaps can be filled for the benefit of all. This course is good for marketers too, as there’s a different specialisation under this degree. One can choose from a lot of other streams like Finance, Human Resource (HR), etc. This particular course trains a student into psychologically persuading a target customer into buying products that we sell. As said earlier, the skill of selling can be learnt.

Most of the time, we don’t even realise that we’ve been played by the salesmen. We don’t realise how the salesmen built a need for their product in us, and abracadabra, we bought something we didn’t even want to buy 10 mins back. That is how successful salesmen work.

Marketing has come a long way since its beginnings in the 1960s. After the rise of the internet, just as the markets, the marketing techniques have also changed. Google and other search engines have totally redefined marketing in today’s world. Digital marketing is the new approach most marketers take and a lot of factors have to be kept in mind before taking every step.

The world is changing gradually and the definitions of terms like Sales and Marketing are also evolving. In such a competitive world of ours, we will always be given moments of amusement as we see the creativity of companies in their ads.


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