Are you curious to know about Android App Development?


As the mobile phones are becoming smart day by day, so are the mobile apps. Or rather it can be said that, apps are making phones smart! Mobile apps have really transformed human beings, enhanced their working capabilities, made them more energetic & prompt. In short, they have drastically transformed the way we function today.

There are proficient programmers working 24×7 on mobile app development to get something new and crazy every time. They design and build app by using the latest technologies and theories and are truly inventors are some future technologies as well.

know about Android App Development

Mobile apps have given a complete new angle to the business companies. The opportunity to reach out to maximum number of people through app marketing services is one of the biggest benefits of developing apps.

Thus, for all the mobile app enthusiasts & beginners, here are some basic fundamentals you should know before you start with the Android App development.

  1. Thoroughly learn the coding language

    Popularly, there are two programming languages that are used in Android App Development: Java & XML. Mastering these two languages and other related programming skills, are the prerequisites in Android app development. This will lead you in developing a more robust and dynamic product.

  2. Understanding right designing tools & environment

    Next what is important for you is to get familiarized with the build automation tools and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You can also use the Android Studio, which is the official IDE for Google’s Android operating system. Even Eclipse and Apache IDEs are very much prevalent and have powerful set of tools which can guide you with the several other things apart from the basic development, to improve your code. Apart from these IDEs, you should also familiarize yourself with the source control tools and concepts like GitHub.


  1. A good grip on application components

    Application components are the basic and essential building blocks of any Android app development process. There are 5 types of application components, namely: Activities, Services, Content providers, broadcast receivers, and Activating components.

    Each of these components works as a single entity by playing a specific role. But overall some of them are interconnected while some are not. Yet all serve distinct purpose with a distinct life-cycle which tells about how it is created and destroyed.


  1. Knowledge about Android fragments, threads and related issues

    Android environment comprises of lot of sub-activities or fragments, which represent multiple screen inside one activity. Lifecycles of these fragments are affected by the overall lifecycle of the main activity. And since there are different types of devices available in the market, a lot of maintenance and testing is done, so as to ensure a consistent and great experience on all devices. Also, many a times there are background tasks running continuously. These are nothing but the background threads. To ensure a smooth UI, see to it that the threads are never blocked. The long operations should be asynchronously run in the background. Java concurrency facilities a proper dealing of this issue. So it is really important to learn these languages, on a whole.


All you need to focus on the right amount of knowledge and process of picking up the tools wisely. Enlighten yourself about how important is having an Android app for any business in today’s scenario. So keep up with time and approach any android app development company to stay tuned with the market. The adept programmers will surely provide you with the best app for your business.

Cheers to beautiful H-App-y World!


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