Erectile Dysfunction In Men: Reasons, Symptoms, And Cure


Erectile dysfunction or what is popularly known as impotence is the inability of a man to get erections firm enough for having intercourse. Many people have erection problems at some point in time but such type of situation isn’t something to be worried about. But if erectile dysfunction is affecting you more than normal, then it can hamper your self-confidence, cause stress and affect your relationship as well. But you should know that having problems in proper erection can indicate another bad health condition and it might be related to heart issues as well.

Erectile Dysfunction In Men

You should never feel embarrassed to talk about erectile dysfunction as if this condition remains for a long period of time, it can ruin your life completely from both a physical level and mental level. Those days are gone when erectile dysfunction was considered as secret ailment and everyone hesitated to talk about it. Now everyone knows that there are various treatments available for this condition and medicines such as Viagra and sildenafil are very effective in ED.

But before getting into the details of erectile dysfunction in men, let’s first go through some quick facts about it.


  • Erectile dysfunction is a physical condition in which a person is not able to get a proper erection which leaves him unsatisfied or incapable of sex.
  • Most of the erectile dysfunction cases are based on physical reason but it has been found that it can also be caused because of mental conditions.
  • Too much consumption of alcohol and smoking can also cause erectile dysfunction.
  • 5 percent of men in the age group of 40 years have erectile dysfunction.
  • In the UK, half of the men in the age group of 30 years struggle to get a proper erection.


What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men?

Following are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and if you notice any of these symptoms for a long period of time then you should consult your doctor immediately.

  •         Decrease in sexual feeling
  •         Difficulty in maintaining an erection
  •         Not getting a proper erection at all


What are the main causes of erectile dysfunction?

Since erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical and psychological conditions, we need to look at both.


Physical Conditions

Following are some of the most common physical conditions which can result in improper erection:-

  •         Diabetes
  •         Heart disease
  •         High blood pressure
  •         Obesity
  •         Hormonal disorder
  •         Smoking
  •         Alcohol consumption
  •         Injuries in the spinal cord


Psychological Conditions

Following are some of the most common psychological conditions which can result in improper erection:-

  •         Depression
  •         Anxiety
  •         Stress


How erectile dysfunction can be treated?

You should know that there are various sexual dysfunction treatments and you will be suggested to take one of them by your doctor based on your ED situation, its cause, and your health condition.

One of the most common ways to treat erectile dysfunction is by taking prescribed drugs which are very effective. Most of the people are able to treat ED by taking these drugs as per the prescription of the doctors. Some of the most common drugs used in this case are vardenafil, tadalafil, and avanafil. Along with this, one can also choose to go for the surgical treatments or use vacuum devices but you shouldn’t choose the best treatment on your own. Consult your doctor first and don’t feel embarrassed in explaining your condition.



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