April 17, 2024
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8 Tips for International Mountain Bike Travel

Mountain biking is one of the exciting and effective exercises you need for keeping up with your fitness goals. There are numerous advantages of biking. When you plan on an international mountain biking trip, you need to be ready to explore new and unfamiliar terrains as well as a new culture. There is, therefore, the need to plan adequately for your trip.

When you are prepared well, your biking experience will be pleasant and fruitful even if you are in a foreign land. In this post, we help you to identify some of the things to do when travelling for mountain biking to avoid any inconveniences.

The list of 8 best tips to follow when going for an international mountain biking tour.

1. Prepare Your Travel Insurance with Your Passport and/or Visa

Travel Insurance


Travelling abroad, regardless of what recreational activity you will be indulging in, requires that you prepare yourself for anything and everything. It is adequate to get yourself emergency insurance to cover you when you are abroad. You may not know when you will fall sick, lose your property, or get any other mishaps in a foreign country.


Being prepared is important for such matters. Contact your insurance company to get the appropriate insurance that will cover you during your mountain bike vacation. It is recommendable to find a flexible company that allows you to pay for the days you will be out of your country so that you can use your normal insurance when you come back from your biking tour.

2. Get the Locus Map App for Directions and Route Planning

Map App for Directions and Route Planning


Going out on a mountain biking vacation comes with its own challenges. The first thing you will notice is that you are not familiar with the foreign routes and terrain, so you need to be sure that you do not get lost while you go out for biking. It is also ideal to plan your biking routes prior to your exercise to make sure that you can go the desired mileage and stay within the region.


The Locus Map is your number one app for tracking your mountain biking routes. You can save all your navigations on the map for later references and memories. The map with elevation features allows you to view the best route for dirt bikes you can follow when you go out biking. You can do it as a group or as an individual experience.

3. Get the Appropriate Vaccine

Appropriate Vaccine

Before you travel abroad for mountain biking, you should get information and adequate medication against any infections as necessary. Visiting a travel doctor will help you to know if the region you are visiting requires any vaccine before you go there. Vaccination helps you to improve your immunity to ensure that you can withstand any health hazard exposures.


The government of the country you want to go mountain biking may also set regulations to ensure that all tourists have proper vaccination and bring along their medical records before they are allowed in. The process may seem tough and expensive but it is for your own good. Healthy living when out on vacation is mandatory to enjoy your biking experience.

4. Carry Your Own Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike


It may seem tedious to disassemble your bike, pack it, and reassemble after reaching your destination. We also understand there is the cost that comes when travelling abroad with bulky cargo. As a first time traveller for international mountain biking, you may think that you are incurring too much cost. But this is also to cut down the costs.


Bicycles on hire in various parts of the world come at a price, like an upward of $60AUD per day. If you are visiting Australia, for example, and you are going to stay for a week, or a month, or more, the cost of hiring a bike is far much higher than carrying your own. With your own bike, you can save a lot. You can carry it, among other items, on your car’s roof rack,Sydney being your ideal landing city.


From Sydney, you can use your Locus Map app to find your route to your biking destination. You will definitely want to book a hotel near your mountain biking destination to avoid too much travelling on your biking dates. Reassemble your bike to get the best biking experience. With your own bike, you will not strain to adjust yourself to get accustomed before you can finish your biking.

5. Eating Out? Try the Local Eateries

Local Eateries


This is straightforward. When you go on a mountain biking trip, you need to be sure that the money you spend creates an impact on the livelihoods of the people. Eating at the local coffee shops enhances rural developments.

No trip is complete without a drink!

You can carry a few options like beer,  don julio when experimenting with the trekking to keep you refreshing all time long.

You can locate the local shops on your biking track using the Locus Map App on your Android device.

6. Get Acquainted with the Local Bike Shops

Local Bike Shops


The destination you are going hold lots of mysteries. In as much as you can carry your own bike, it is ideal to get assistance from local bike shops. They will recommend to you the best routes based on your experience, which you can plan on your Locus Map before you leave. They may also recommend groups to join for the best mountain biking experience in the area.

7. Going Remote? Be Cautious!

remotest places


While biking in the remotest places, or through the jungle, you need to be careful about how you ride your bike. The first precaution is to reduce your biking speed to about 80% of your maximum. You also need to be sure you do not go alone on isolated routes. Avoid any risk of injury when far from the village or town.

8. Respect the Trails

Respect the Trails


Some of the trails you will use for mountain biking are shared with hikers and mountain runners. Ensure that you do not disturb them or stop in the middle of it. When you meet people using the trail, slow down and greet them before you go on.

The Bottomline

Both new and returning visitors need to ensure that they are aware of the place they are going to do their biking exercises because sometimes the routes and trails are maintained and changed. The Locus Map will help you to find the best routes for your riding experience.

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