5 Tips for Cat Owners on Having a Happy and Healthy Pet All Through Winter


During the winter, your cat may get a little less playful and a lot more tired. Taking care of your pet during these cold months requires some extra attention and planning.

This article includes tips for making sure your cat stays healthy during the winter months, including how to keep their paws warm, keeping their food cool, and bringing them inside at night.

While it’s not always easy to keep cats entertained in the wintertime, changing things up once in a while can help them stay interested.


Why Is It Important To Keep Cats Warm?

The colder months can lead to a variety of health problems for your kitty.

Why Is It Important To Keep Cats Warm

Here are some issues that stem from being too cold, including:

  • A slower metabolism causes weight gain.
  • A lack of energy can cause lethargy and depression.
  • A change in weather can make cats feel scared and irritated
  • Stress caused by staying inside and enduring a lack of social interaction

Here are a few ways you can help keep your kitty happy when the weather gets cold.

Keep Your House Warm

Keeping your house warmer is one of the best things you can do for colder-climatekittie during winters.

Keep Your House Warm

Don’t be afraid to crank it up a few notches if you have central heating. If you don’t have central heating, make sure you have some space heaters to create a nice cozy atmosphere.

Winterize The Cat-Box

If your cat isn’t used to being out in the cold, putting the cat box outside may not be a good idea. You can, however, winterize it by purchasing a heated cat box.

Winterize The Cat-Box

These are available at most pet stores and online stores like Amazon and can cost anywhere from $40-$100 depending on the size and brand.

Get A Health Check

Like dogs, cats need to be vaccinated every year. It may be necessary to get your cat an appointment with the vet more frequently than usual during the winter months.

Get A Health Check

Get your cat a check-up with a friendly local Easyvet veterinarian and make sure they don’t have any health issues causing them to stay outside longer than needed.

Take Your Cat For Walks

While it’s not always easy, taking your cat for walks can greatly benefit their health during the winter months.

Take Your Cat For Walks

If you have a bigger yard, letting your cat run around for 15-20 minutes every day can help keep them warm and active.

Keep Their Food Warm

Keeping their food at a warm temperature is also important on cold nights and days.

Keep Their Food Warm

If you have a cat, especially a senior one, which tends to sleep all day long, they may not be eating enough to stay warm.

One way to combat that is by taking out their food at night and keeping it upstairs in an area where they can easily get it while they sleep.

This also cuts down on the amount of time they’re outside because they don’t have to go as far for their food in the morning.


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