How Could I Keep Hope In Any Situation?


Hope is the word made from following words

HOPE = Happiness + OK + Pleasure + Enthusiasm

Everywhere we are listening this word & leading a life with it. Who is responsible for it? – Responsible

If this word will absent from our life we will suffer from dangerous diseases like depression, some mental disorder, etc.


The best friend of everyone’s life is hope & our destiny also depends on it.

Suppose anyone is suffered from serious disease & if we will talk him about his problem

Negatively & seriously how could he will keep hope? If you can’t assist him in any way you could help him by giving hope.

Otherwise he will leave everything from his life. As ‘’the best gift to give others is hope’’

To give hope to the others we should have to be positive, loveful, having kindness, etc.

Let us we will discuss about this word. How to remove exam tension – pdkcm

Happiness:  It is the best key of success ,when we are happy ,positive energy will transfer automatically everywhere & this energy create good atmosphere & we know that happiness is not depend on anyone. If we will decide to be happy we would be happy & this happiness brings hope in our life.

  1. Generally we are using this word in daily routine. If there is everything fine then everything ok. Sometimes it may be not fine then also we say ‘’yes’’ ok. http://how to deal with fear of rejection/

If we like lot of things then we say ‘’ok’’.If we don’t like things then also we say ‘’ok.’’ means this ‘’ok’’ word also carrying hope.



Now third word is pleasure, this word suggests a lot of positive energy. It always reflects happiness.

& when everything is ok, happiness automatic comes & when we are happy everywhere

Pleasure is there.

Last word is ‘enthusiasm’ School Syllabi

Today this enthusiasm is reducing in big cities. To bring enthusiasm they have to go in clubs, they have to keep parties, this brings artificial enthusiasm. It is not permanent. It remains only for short time, it cannot be bringing eagerness.

When we observe this enthusiasm in villages, you will understand what is truly eagerness, to bring natural eagerness there are lot of festivals in INDIA. We are waiting for it to celebrate, like ‘’GANPATI’’ festival, Diwali, Desersa etc. They come naturally. & it is God’s wish so that they bring eagerness, & enthusiasm to bring hopes.

So that always try to make self-realization, it brings eagerness, enthusiasm & happiness with hope.

Keeping hope in a difficult situation is not a  simple thing, we have keep attention on present tense along with

Our situations. Some times to keep hope we must have to work on devotion. If we will become devotee person

Automatically our hope will get increasing. Everything will work better. As devotion creates good hormones in our body & if will effect scientifically perfect to keep our mental condition perfect. By this way we can increase our hopes in any situations.


Let us see the examples of hopeful people. Nowadays  we are watching videos about the person who didn’t have hands & legs still due to his will power he had own the difficult competition etc.

We know that so many old age people who had the age of above 100 then also  they are perfect with their minds & body.

& they didn’t lose their hope. What is the reason behind it? Did they have any goal now but still they are living happily . This is the magic of authentic life.


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