Education: A Powerful Tool


Education is a powerful tool that can influence the students to be model citizens of their country. Students can be inspired to be a part of the people that help develop their country by joining research institutions. This entirely depends on the quality of teaching that they have received during their early school years and their selected professional courses.

Institutes such as UPES Dehradun are deeply involved in the study of petroleum and the energy it produces. Students here are conducting experiments about various techniques to increase the energy developed by a smaller quantity of petroleum or other types of fuel. There are various studies being conducted to make good use of alternative energy resources such as biofuel. There must be more research activities conducted towards this goal and this can be achieved if the students are educated about it in their schools and higher secondary colleges.

B.Tech Courses in India

There are a lot of colleges involved with B.Tech Courses in India that encourage their students to conduct research at an early stage in their education to ensure that they develop the need for learning and an interest in research. With the increasing depletion of natural sources of fuels like petrol and diesel, it is important that people are educated about the alternatives that can be used for the same purposes. The biggest role of an educational institution is to keep their students informed about the latest developments and the topics of immediate concern.

Colleges and Universities are a good place to educate students about the importance of research and development towards technology that can help protect the environment. The professors and lecturers in educational institutions need to understand that they can make a big impact on the lives of the students that they are teaching. It is the educator’s responsibility to make sure that everyone that he/she is teaching is completely informed of the topics and any doubts that the students have are clarified at the earliest. It should be encouraged by the lecturers that students ask each and every doubt that they have, irrespective of the silliness of the question.

Education is defined as any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts. This basic definition makes it clear that a good education is what will help make a good citizen / a person. Education does not mean just a technical education, just being informed about the current developments in the world, matters of national and international concern, and societal topics that make a good citizen and a community member. Technology plays a significant role in educating people. Technological advancements have made it easier to educate people in impoverished areas, such as the lost cost education laptop that was developed to be provided for underprivileged students. In India, there are technologies developing that are trying to bypass the land-based telephone and internet systems. EDUSAT is a communications satellite by ISRO was launched to provide educational material that can reach more of the country’s population at a lower cost.

Education has a lot of purposes. One such purpose is to positively influence personal development, forming cultural identity, and establishing a career or an occupation. The colleges offering B.Tech courses in India also offer seminars where students are allowed to think and process what they would want to do after graduation. These seminars help students realize their goals and ambitions and will also help them to create a plan or a step-wise process to reach this goal.

Educational institutions also promote research and development. Some institutions are heavily focused on influencing more students to start research and publish papers on their topics. The UPES Dehradun is one such institution in India. This university focuses on the improvement of the research skills of a student. There are a lot of research activities in the development and understanding of fuels and alternative fuels going on in this institution. Students are often encouraged to take up these tasks in their early stages of the professional course.

It is important that people are well educated with the current topics and the trends in the various industries and corporations. Being educated is the only way to stay ahead in the race.


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