How to Prevent Dental Cavities and Keep the Teeth Health


Let’s get straight to the point. How often does it happen that you pay heed to your Oral Health? Only when it is paining badly and you can do nothing about it but just sit and shout and wonder why didn’t you visited a dentist on time?

Dental Cavities

Then you look for a dentist appointment and visit one. Most of the times it had been found that your tooth was paining because you had cavities. Woohoo! Well, there’s nothing to be excited about it but yeah it can come as a shock. And then sitting on a dental chair with a hand on the area that’s paining you might be wondering as to how can you get cavities? You brush twice a day still you are facing this issue. But think for a second that mere brushing twice a day is enough? Can your teeth stay healthy only by brushing? And genuinely, how many times you thought of going a step ahead and doing something for your oral health?

To answer all these questions first let us understand if Oral Health is that important. Oral health through the most neglected but is the most important part of your body. Anything and everything you eat enters your body through your mouth. It is the primary source of nutrient for you.

Cavities normally come as a first sign of poor oral health and if ignored can lead to other serious oral health concerns. If you want to have control over cavities, then you should know the level of damage caused due to cavities. The level can only be known after a thorough dental examination. Once you know the level, then it will be easier for you to control it. Your dentist can guide you well in this process. If the cavity is not that big, then it can be resolved with mere fillings but if it is large then RCT or getting a tooth extracted is the last resort.

So today we will help you get a few cavity prevention tips for a healthy mouth:

  • Brush Correctly – Brushing twice a day and using the correct way of brushing are two separate things. If the way is not correct, then even brushing thrice a day will not help. The very first step in this is to go for a soft bristle brush. These brushes are not harsh on your teeth and gums. The second step is to be gentle while brushing. Brushing abrasively will cause more harm than good. And lastly the way you brush your teeth matters. Go for circular or vertical strokes. Do not move your brush horizontally, this will not help your brush to reach all the parts.
  • Floss & Rinse – Along with brushing twice a day make sure you floss at night after dinner. Flossing helps to remove the food particles stuck between your teeth. It reaches that area of the mouth where it is difficult for the brush to reach. As flossing is an important part of the oral routine, so is rinsing. After every meal makes sure you rinse since this will not let the food to stick on the teeth and will wash it away.
  • Cut down on acidic intake – Do not consume a beverage that is acidic in nature. Being exposed to beverages such as tea or coffee with added sugar or milk and many aerated drinks can risk your chances of developing a cavity. The issue with such beverages is that the sugar or acidic part in it get mixed with the saliva which stays in your mouth for a longer duration. But if you are really addicted to such beverages, then try and rinse after every such beverage.
  • Eat Healthy – Consuming fruits and vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins can help you prevent gum disease and will keep your teeth healthy. Go for balanced meals and avoid snacking in between meals as though we don’t consume much but it is way more harmful. Do not consume sticky food as it is hard to get such food off from your teeth. But if you cannot stay away from such food then try and at least rinse your mouth after.
  • Quit Smoking – It is now a hard-hitting fact that one should not smoke or chew tobacco as besides affecting your lungs it affects your Oral Health badly. Not just staining the teeth, smoking also affects the gum causing gum diseases which if ignored can lead to serious health complications. And how can forget the very major issue that it can cause – Oral Cancer.
  • Go for Fluoride Treatment – If the water you drink is not fluoridated, then visit your dentist and get the fluoride application on your teeth. This will help in protecting your teeth from decay.
  • Regular Visit to the Dentist – Lastly make a pact to visit your dentist after every 6 months. Such a dentist appointment will ensure a healthy mouth and better Oral Health.


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