How to secure your data from hackers with McAfee Products


Today, everyone needs a good and secure platform to secure their important and personal data from hackers. The most common and most secure way of achieving security is installing a good antivirus in your device. A good antivirus can provide you many exclusive features for security purposes. McAfee antivirus has numerous features to secure your data from hackers as well as other malicious URLs and malware. But you should always use legitimate McAfee products for your device. Use McAfee Activate Enter Code for activating your McAfee antivirus. This will provide you with authentic software for your device.

How to secure your data from hackers with McAfee Products

Here are some good ways of achieving security:

Password Protection:

Always use a good password for storing your personal and important documents. But you should keep in mind that your password should be strong enough that nobody can easily crack it. Remember; never use a password which is related to you such as your name, DOB, best friend’s name, family member’s name etc. Always use an alpha-numeric password which is long enough that nobody can get it by guessing. Most of the people use the same password for almost all accounts. This is a very poor practice. You should never use the same password for different accounts. Always use a unique password for the unique account. We know that remembering many passwords is not easy. McAfee antivirus is proving you McAfee SafeKey password manager which can help you to save your all passwords. You just have to remember the master password; with the help of master password you can get all the other passwords easily.

Two-factor authentication:

Two-factor authentication is another good method for achieving security. This is mostly used in online banking and social media sites. With the help of two-way authentication, you can secure your data twice times better than other methods. In this method, every time you log in into a new device, you will need a valid password as well as secure generated code (OTP) for authentication. McAfee provides TrueKey for achieving two-factor authentication.


Enable your McAfee firewall for monitoring the incoming and outgoing data on your device. Firewall monitors the traffic and protects the device from malicious URLs and malware. If the firewall gets any malicious URL, it will close the ports and only allows the trusted URL to your network.


Using VPN is another great technique for achieving security from hackers and other criminal minds. Using VPN is very essential if you are browsing online. With the help of VPN, your traffic gets encrypted and travels through an intermediary server in a different location. VPN masks your actual IP replacing with some other IP, with this the ISP will not be able to monitor your activities.

Remove your footprints:

While browsing, never leave your footprints anywhere. Always use incognito mode while browsing especially while doing any online transactions and payments. Try to avoid all the sites which are not secure. Always open websites with https. While logging in into any other device, never click on the remember password option. Never use any external devices such as CDs, flash drives without scanning. Scan all the external devices with McAfee antivirus; this will protect your device from all malware. Always remember to clear your browsing history. Scan your device time to time for better performance and security. But for getting the best security, never forget to update your McAfee antivirus. Always update your antivirus when available.

There are multiple other ways for achieving good security such as uninstalling incomplete software, updating your OS etc. If you have any good suggestion for securing the data from hackers, please share with us in our comment section.


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