8 Immune System Boosting Tips for Seniors: Exercise and More


As you grow older, it is not just the physical and cognitive health which gets affected; the immune system also becomes weaker. The more the immune system suffers, your vulnerability to getting affected by diseases also increases. Plus, it is the viral infections such as common cold and flu which might add further to your discomfort. We agree that these infections are not very harmful to some; however, they can prove complicated to some already suffering from diseases.
If you are 65 and above, facing the issues caused by a weak immune system, here are the eight immune system boosting tips for seniors that you should follow.

1.Get Vaccinated

Immune system boosting tips

As the flu season approaches, you need to be prepared for the worse that could happen. Well, vaccinations are one way you can develop your body to fight against viruses. Fluzone and Fluad are vaccinations which are usually recommended for senior citizens. Alike all vaccines, they also help the body build antibodies against influenza within two weeks. But what makes these vaccines more workable for bodies which need stronger protection than regular flu does. While at it, do not forget to get a pneumonia shot.
Remember, these vaccinations are not once in a lifetime trouble-shooters, you need to repeat the vaccinations every flu season to beat the dynamic viruses.

2.Eat Carefully

As the age increases, you tend to become comparatively less active. In consequence, a significant weakening of the digestive system is universal. To keep your body fit, you should opt for more lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help your digestion.
Avoid fats, sugar, and processed food as much as possible. Instead, ask your doctor or consult platforms like Halo Health Care to know if you are getting enough nutrients from your diet or you need some multivitamins too.

3.Beat the stress

Increased age is the reason for augmentation in the stress level for some too. The more you are stressed out, higher will be the level of cortisol release in your body. The release of cortisol decreases the other activities in the body such as the smooth functioning of the immune system. This results in a lack of resistance against viruses.
If you are one of those who gets bouts of anxiety attacks and hypertension, you need to buck up. Surround yourself with family and friends, go out for walks, and read light books.


Getting older sure does take a toll on your physical health, and you are not able to work out as well as you did earlier. However, this shouldn’t bar you from moving at all because this might contribute to the weakening of your immune system.
Take a light stroll and opt for a comfortable workout regimen for 30 minutes every day to keep your body working and strengthen your immunity. This also helps manage stress levels too.

5.Sleep enough

Sleep Enough

With age, people tend to become more restless and anxious, which directly affects their rest. This sleep deprivation is one reason why the immunity system becomes ineffective. A sound sleep not only boosts the immune system, but also improves memory, concentration, and other cognitive functions.
Make sure you follow a routine and go to bed in time, sleep in a comfortable, quiet and dark room, and sleep for at least 7.5 to 9 hours every day. These pointers plus avoiding caffeine near your sleeping time will prove helpful.

6.Avoid certain habits

Drinking, smoking, and regular consumption of caffeine might not be as troublesome for a young body, but as you grow older, these habits might harm your immune system. Plus, smoking can add to your vulnerability to cases of flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia.
Consult your doctor or take steps yourself to get rid of these habits to strengthen your immune system.

7.Manage your weight

Today, a significant cause of weak immunity system amongst elders is the fact that they tend to be overweight. Managing weight does not always mean that you have to follow a heavy workout routine, a minor alteration in diet and a light workout every day will help you shed some pounds for a healthy life and stronger immunity.

8.Practice Mindfulness

Dropping pounds off the body is not the only thing that would boost your immune system, you need to keep your brain active too. With age, it is advised not to lag concerning technology and trends. This deprivation of the millennial knowledge will put stress on your mind. So, stay active and move out, talk to people who are young. This exchange of ideas with the youth will keep you up-to-the-minute and also connect you with the younger generation.
There you have it! Follow the above tips never to let your old self feel a day older.


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