3 Ways to Detect Carbon Monoxide at Your Home


Carbon monoxide is a hazardous gas and considered as a silent killer due to its color less and odorless properties. It is like a poison which could be fatal and can kill people and even if it does not kill people, it can still cause health effects which are long lasting and can totally ruin people’s pulmonary and respiratory health. In household, usually leakage or malfunctioning of fuel-burning devices and other household appliances cause the presence of carbon monoxide in the air. It is important to detect its presence and get rid f it to avoid any severe effects.

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Install carbon monoxide detectors

Installing carbon monoxide detectors is the top best way to detect the presence of the gas in your home. It is a small device which has sensors and easily detects if there is any sort of unusual gas present in the air. It is easily available at any home departmental store and is also available at Alpha Controls Mississauga in wide variety.

Features to consider when getting a detector

Following are some of the considerations you must make while purchasing the device.

  • The sound emission of the detector should be of minimum 85-deibel so that when the alarm goes off, everyone is able to hear it immediately and clearly without any confusions, in at least 10 feet around. Furthermore, if there is anyone with hearing impairment in your family, then you should consider the device with a louder horn.
  • If the space is greater, then you must opt for the device which is available in the form of sets and can be connected to each other. In this type of device, if the alarm goes off at one piece, all the other connected devices start ringing as well which is a good thing for bigger spaces.
  • The lifespan of the sensor should be of at least five years. Make sure to check it before purchasing because it tends to wear away.
  • Some devices also have the digital display feature which is not important, but if the place is used for chemical processes then the digital device would help the management to calculate and detect the area of leakage.

Right placement of the detectors

It is important to properly select the spots for installing the detectors so that they effectively detect the presence of carbon monoxide. If the place is smaller than 3 rooms, then one detector would be enough for the entire place. However, if it is bigger than 3 rooms then you would need more than one device in the place.

  • CO is lighter than air, so it will rise towards the ceiling and therefore, you must place the detector on the ceiling only.
  • If the house is not single story, make sure to place at least one detector on each floor near the sleeping areas to effectively detect the presence of gas.
  • Make sure to not place the detector in the kitchen, garage or any fireplace because these are the places where there is little amount of gas is present on and off which is not harmful. However, placing the detectors there would continuously make the alarm goes off.

Understand the working and maintain the device

Make sure you understand the display and power settings of the device so that you know how to operate it when needed. Similarly, ensure the maintenance off devices and regularly change the batteries so that they are always in the working condition.

Know the warning signs even without the detectors

You must always know the warning signs even when there are no detectors placed in the vicinity. These warning signs would help you to avoid any potential danger. Following are the signs which direct towards the presence of carbon monoxide.

  • In terms of health, you will start feeling headache, muscle weakness, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, confusion, blurred vision, and loss of consciousness all at once. These are the signs of inhaling carbon monoxide and you must immediately go in open air then to get medical help.
  • In the surroundings, if you notice frequent dew buildup and too much humidity in the place then get your place checked immediately.

Prevention methods to avoid carbon monoxide

It is important to take precautions to avoid collection of carbon monoxide in any closed are like home. Everyone must take these precautions.

  • The vents should always be clean and not clogged so that the air is constantly passing through into the open space.
  • Regularly clean your fireplace and chimney as these are the most common places to collect carbon monoxide.
  • Keep a check on your kitchen appliances especially the fuel burning devices.
  • Do not smoke inside the house and rather do it in the open air.

Carbon monoxide is a fatal gas and must be carefully checked to avoid any loss and damage. Discussed above are the top ways to detect the presence of gas in your home and then some safety measures to avoid it.


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