March 4, 2024

Top Free Local Business Listing Sites 2020-2021 for USA & India

What are local business listing Sites and how they help in your business?

Local business sites are a belvedere where you can cast the details of your website or business. For example, you can add details about your services, Founder of the Company, Timings, Address and other relative things which provide a good description of your business.  Adding your website to these local business listing sites provides a vast reorganization. When you submit your business details in these local business sites, then the search engines will start showing your business. There are many tops and free Business Listing Sites in India like Grotal, Indiamart, TradeIndia, Foundoodata, and Justdial.

business listing sites


How to add your business to the local business listing sites?

Your business must have some of the criteria listed below for listing in a local business listing in an index:

  • Business must have a business name or a DBA
  • Your business must have a physical address.
  • A reliable phone number which should match your locality.
  • Your business must make direct contact with your customers. It should not be managed virtually and the business should not be an online store only.

Business Listing Sites for India

Here are some top Business Listing Sites for India:

Business Listing Sites in India
Google Business

Business Listing Sites for USA

Here are some top Business listing sites in USA:

Business Listing Sites in USA


Steps for adding your business in top business listing sites

A person can add his business in multiple ways. But there are some protocols which you should follow before adding your site:

  • Legitimate details: Check the details of your business like name address & phone number at least twice before submitting.
  • A detailed description of your business: Insert a good description of your business like your services, goals etc.
  • Link it with your website: This is the easiest way to increase traffic on your website, add the link of your website in the local business listing sites.
  • Images & videos: Media items such as videos and attractive images play an important role in marketing. Hire a good photographer and add some good images and videos of your business.
  • Reviews: Most of the people judge any business in its review basis. Always encourage your customer to leave a positive review of your business.

Top ways for good Business Listing:

If we talk about local SEO, then business listing is a very fruitful way for attracting more customers towards your business. With the help of business listing, you can easily gain the attention of new customers in your area. But before listing your business in any business listing sites, make sure you are filling all the valid information. Here are some good ways for a business listing on directory sites:

  • Hire a good SEO Consultant: You can hire a good SEO consultant for listing your business on major directories. Most people prefer hiring SEO consultants for this job because those people are expert in this job. They have certain years of experience in this job and knows how to do the job. Before hiring you should know that if you are hiring SEO consultants to get your business listings done – they usually do it on a one-time basis.
  • Popular Tools: This can be the most easy way for business listing. Tools such as Synup can automate the listing management process. Not only this, but Synup also provides a central dashboard where you can easily manage all your business details and listing from a single dashboard.
  • Find local Freelancers: Before hiring any freelancers, keep in your mind that they are not your SEO consultants. They might now aware to use which site for your business. Most of the freelancers don’t have any expertise in SEO, because they don’t have full-time experience. But they may do well in they know the correct directories plus freelancers are much cheaper than SEO consultants.
  • Try yourself: If you don’t want to engage any third-party in your business listing, you can also list your business in these directories. But, this work needs a good amount of time.


Boosting your business from Directory Listing

These Business listing sites lists are very helpful for those businesses which are not getting attention from the customers like other competitive businesses.

Many business listing sites also have extra features like adding ratings, reviews, photo guide for their customers.


These Business listing Sites of USA will help to grow your business globally.

There are also other methods like profile creation, guest posting, bookmarking submission for expanding your business visibility. But if you want to gain the attention of local area customers then local business listing is the most important and best Off-Page method in the field of Search Engine Optimization for attracting the local customers.

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