Why internet security is vital in 2019 than ever?


Technology is increasing day by day and so the cybercrime. Now everybody is getting advance; now you have to walk out to a bank and stand in a queue. With net-banking, you can pay, transfer easily. But at the same time, now criminal also don’t have to watch you out for robbery. He can empty your bank account with just a device and internet access. So, if you are using technology; use it the correct way so you don’t have to face any kind of tragedy.

Why internet security is vital in 2019 than ever

Here we have discussed a few reasons why internet security is vital in 2019:


  • The era of smart devices!Now everything is technical! You are hungry, order food online. You want to shop, go online and shop from around the world. You want to pay bills, click and done. But you can fully rely on technology. This much technology can also get you threats like hacking, phishing and many more.


  • Internet of ThingsThe usage of the IoT is increasing day by day. Today mostly all types of equipment are synced with the internet. Things such as CCTV which are used for security purpose can be exploited and can use in the wrong way. You are keeping a monitoring device at your home for your safety purpose but what if your device and network have been compromised? What if an unauthorized person is watching you with CCTV? Isn’t it creepy? You should always install these devices will full network protection.


  • We believe easilyWe make pen friends on SNSs. Sharing your views and culture with the person sitting on another side of the globe is really good. Social Networking Site is a good place for making new friends. But trusting on them too early? We actually don’t know the person sitting behind the computer screen; maybe he is fraudulent. He can act friendly and when you start trusting on him. He may ask your personal details and you will tell him without any second thought and this may result in huge loss.


Ways to keep yourself safe from cyber threats:


  • Use good security softwareAntivirus can secure your device, data, and network from lots of internet threats. If you are a user of the internet then using antivirus is necessary. You should update and mcafee.com/activate timely for securing your device from all new threats.


  • Be suspiciousIf you don’t know them personally then don’t share anything about you. Your safety is on your hand so don’t trust easily. While downloading something; if you smell anything suspicious then don’t click on it.


  • Use firewallA firewall protects your network from all unauthorized people, malware, and bots from accessing your network. It monitors your traffic and provides good safety against any kind of malicious activities.


  • Secure your networkWhether it’s a home or office; everyone prefers using Wi-Fi. If you are using Wi-Fi then make sure to keep a strong password of your router so nobody can easily hack it. Avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi points. Never make any online transaction and other banking work on public Wi-Fi. Always use a VPN when accessing public Wi-Fi. Your VPN will mask your IP address so nobody gets your exact location. It encrypts the data and sends it with a secure channel which secures your data packets from intruders.


Lots of new applications, games and other software are launched in 2019. If you want to enjoy watching a movie and play games online then take a few security measures and enjoy the advancement of technology.

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