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    We Serve You The Ideal Motivation To Achieve Your Preferred Success.

Established in 2018, Article original, Inc.. , is devoted to self improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, self instruction.

Besides, I enjoy seeing different points of view and also allow people share their previous experience and how they triumphed over life and company hurdles — soI take guest articles. Read the guest article tips here.

We invite all those who love to tell Digital Marketing stories, have fond of writing and want to make money from their hobbies. Come, be the part of this community based DM publication and start telling your stories to the world of DM lovers.


Meet Our Brilliant Minds:

Sharukh khan — Founder & CEO

Sharukh Khan


Sharukh khan is the creator and CEO of Articleoriginal.com.

He’s in charge of managerial decision making. As he oversees additional staff members to ensure a seamless productivity of staff and customers. Meanwhile, most of contents pass his dash for suitable editing prior to going live on The Article Original Blog.

When he’s not on the area doing farm actions or studying, he is working on Article Original or occupied optimizing a customer’s work.

Beside Article Original, Inc., MR. Khan is your Chief Marketing Strategist in Real SEO Growth, and also the Editor-In-Chief of a lively media company; which cuts actions Home and Abroad, Star Crew Journalists.

My team Member Nisha Khan, Aliza Khan, Vansh Khan.

A fervent, earnest yet fun loving Digital Explorer. Content Strategist, Web entrepreneurs and SEO specialist.

Aside from creative writing that Jesus is specialist at, he is into designing and media — Thus, he really loves making things seem really great!